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Packaging - Brand Decision

   Posted On :  18.06.2018 09:30 pm

Earlier, packaging was considered a major expense in marketing. For some toiletries, packaging costs actually exceeded the costs of contents.

Earlier, packaging was considered a major expense in marketing. For some toiletries, packaging costs actually exceeded the costs of contents. Today, it is however, fully recognized that packaging helps in branding and promoting brand loyalty. It also enables the buyers to handle and carry their products with case. Moreover, packaging may cut marketing costs thus adding to profit.


Qualities Of Good Packaging

1. Attractive appearance
2. Convenient for storage and display
3. Shield against damage or spoiling
4. Product description shown on the package

Function Of Packaging Especially For Consumer Goods

1. Protection and presentation are the basic functions of a packaging
2. Modern marketing methods demand that, package be convenient to handle transport requirements.

3. A package must be made to consistent and rigid quality standards. The consumer demands uniformity each time he purchases a product.

4. Transport economics
5. Every package must be recognizable and
6. Every package must have eye appeal
Packing to be satisfactory should satisfy the following conditions:

1. It should be capable of withstanding the hazards of handling and transport. The cargo may be handled manually and mechanically. The handling methods may differ between places. When manually handled, it may be tilted, draped, thrown, pulled, pushed, rolled etc. further it may also be subject to compression dude to stacking. The packing should, therefore, be capable of withstanding such hazards of handling and transportation.
2. It should be easy to handle. To facilitate easy handling, bulk packs may be provided with handling facilities like books, handles, gripper’s etc. in case of products which shall not be turned upside down, the position should be clearly indicated like marking ‘this side up’. In case of fragile articles, which shall not be subject to rough handling, the size, shape and weight of the pack should be amendable for smooth handling. Further, it should also be indicated on the pack.
3. It should be amendable to quick examination of contents. It may be remembered that the customs authorities of the exporting and importing countries may want to examine the contents.
4. It should be easy to identify
5. It should be adequately marked.
6. Unless it is necessary, the contents shall not be disclosed.
7. It should be easy to dispose of.
8. Packing must confirm to the buyer’s specifications. If any and the regulations in the exporting and importing countries, guidelines and regulation by the shipping company, etc. care should be taken to observe the established has prescribed packing standards for certain goods. The British standard packing code, published by the British standards institution and Exporters Encyclopedia, USA, give detailed packing instruction. Shipping companies also given certain packing instructions especially for highly dangerous products. According to the products he intends to export, the exporter has to choose the right type of packing 1 to send the goods in good condition to the destination. A right package always guarantees the right quality of the product at the time of delivery.


Labeling is regarded as part of marketing because packaging decision making involves the consideration of the labeling requirements. In international trade, many countries insist that labeling should be done in the absence of such a statutory requirement. Statutory obligations are important aspects of labeling. Many countries have laid down labeling requirements in respect of a number for commodities.
According to the regulations labeling of food items should disclose information about a number of aspects like date of manufacturing, expiry date or optimum storage period for good which do not have an indefinite storage period, composition, storage conditions, necessary method of use, if necessary etc. Many types of symbols for package labeling are nationally and internationally standardized.

For consumer packaging, symbols exist for product certifications, trademarks, proof of purchase, etc. Some requirements and symbols exist to communicate aspects of consumer use and safety. Recycling directions, Resin identification code (below), and package environmental claims have special codes and symbols.
Labels may be categorized into the following
1. Descriptive- giving description of weight, volume, composition or ingredients, information about manufacturer, production and packaging dates, date of expiry etc.
2. Informative – giving product information as well as information about usage of the product.
3. Grade indicative- showing the quality certification like ISI mark, Ag mark etc.

Role Of Packaging

It helps increase sales: Good graphics and attractive color will make product appealing.
1. It adds to the use of a product.
2. It helps promote a product
3. It contributes to the safety of a product
4. It helps in storage
5. It helps in product differentiation

Packaging Decisions


Packaging Design

It is not easy to design a package for various items.
For example, all shaving creams come in tubes, but different brands of shaving cream have different packaging. Because of the high cost of packaging some companies have resorted to refill packs.



Color is an important factor for determining customer acceptance or rejection of a product. The use of right colors in packaging may help marketers reap huge advantage. Packaging color should be attractive so that it may help promote sales.
Coco cola is identified with red colour and Pepsi with blue color.


Packaging should improve convenience in handling the product. To make it easy to carry milk and soft drinks are packed in tetra
packs, to make it easy to store, Threptin biscuits are packed in tins, to make it easy to use air fresheners are packed in spray bottles.

Packaging the Product Line

A company must decide whether to develop a family resemblance in the packaging of its several products. Families packaging involves the use of identical packages for all products or the use of packages with some common feature. 
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