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Operations Management - Network Problems

Key Concepts - Project Network

   Posted On :  23.06.2018 09:31 am

Certain key concepts pertaining to a project network are described below:

Key Concepts
Certain key concepts pertaining to a project network are described below:


An activity means a work. A project consists of several activities. An activity takes time. It is represented by an arrow in a diagram of the network. For example, an activity in house construction can be flooring. This is represented as follows:

Construction of a house involves various activities. Flooring is an activity in this project. We can say that a project is completed only when all the activities in the project are completed.



It is the beginning or the end of an activity. Events are represented by circles in a project network diagram. The events in a network are called the nodes.

Starting a punching machine is an activity. Stopping the punching machine is another activity.

3.Predecessor Event

The event just before another event is called the predecessor event.

4.Successor Event

The event just following another event is called the successor event.
Consider the following.

In this diagram, event 1 is predecessor for the event 2.
Event 2 is successor to event 1.
Event 2 is predecessor for the events 3, 4 and 5.
Event 4 is predecessor for the event 6.
Event 6 is successor to events 3, 4 and


A network is a series of related activities and events which result in an end product or service. The activities shall follow a prescribed sequence. For example, while constructing a house, laying the foundation should take place before the construction of walls. Fitting water tapes will be done towards the completion of the construction. Such a sequence cannot be altered.

6.Dummy Activity

A dummy activity is an activity which does not consume any time. Sometimes, it may be necessary to introduce a dummy activity in order to provide connectivity to a network or for the preservation of the logical sequence of the nodes and edges.

7.Construction of a Project Network

A project network consists of a finite number of events and activities, by adhering to a certain specified sequence. There shall be a start event and an end event (or stop event). All the other events shall be between the start and the end events. The activities shall be marked by directed arrows. An activity takes the project from one event to another event.
An event takes place at a point of time whereas an activity takes place from one point of time to another point of time. 

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