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Human Resources Management - Selection And Induction

Recruitment Process - Selection And Induction

   Posted On :  12.06.2018 10:40 pm

The recruitment process consists of the following:

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process consists of the following:

1. Recruitment Planning

2. Strategy development

3. Searching

4. Screening

5. Evaluation and control

Planning involves drafting a comprehensive job specification for the vacant positions outlining their major and minor responsibilities; the skills, experience and qualifications needed ; grade and level of pay ; starting data ; whether temporary or permanent; and mention of special conditions, if any, to the jobs to be filled.
The next step involved is to devise a suitable strategy for recruiting the candidates in the organization. The strategic consideration would include the type of recruitment method, the geographical area to be considered for the search, source of recruitment and sequence of activities for recruitment.
Searching involves deciding internal or external sources. Sometimes both internal and external may be decided.
Screening is the next step. Job specification is invaluable in this regard. Screening is done on the basis of qualification, knowledge, skills, abilities, interest and experience mentioned in job specification.
Evaluation and control in recruitment is needed as considerable cost is involved in the process. This includes

1. Salary of the recruiters

2. Cost of time spent for preparing job analysis, advertisement etc.,

3. Administrative expenses

4. Cost of outsourcing or overtime while vacancies remain unfilled and

5. Cost incurred in recruiting unsuitable candidates.

Effectiveness of Recruitment Programme

Following are the pre-requisites.

1. A well defined recruitment policy.

2. A proper organizational structure.

3. A well-laid down procedure for locating potential job seekers.

4. A suitable method and technique for tapping these candidates.

5. Continuous assessment of effectiveness of recruitment programme.

6. Ethical practice in recruitment policy and procedure.

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