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Marketing Implementation - Marketing Process

   Posted On :  17.06.2018 11:23 pm

This is the execution phase which, in part produces the actual results.

Marketing Implementation

This is the execution phase which, in part produces the actual results. Poor implementation can ruin even the best strategies, plans and programs. The total purpose of all that goes before implementation is to ensure excellent execution.
Implementation means different things to different people in the organization.
To the salesperson, it means going through all of the steps of the selling process to obtain the desired results. It involves understanding the time bound targets tied to budgets, and performing activities like prospecting, contacting, presenting the products, convincing the prospects and clinching the sale. The progress is monitored by standards like sales calls /day, costs/call, sales orders /sales calls, and others.
Because of the relatively short time frame involved in most implementation activities, monitoring and auditing are generally easier than for the longer-term strategies and plans. Marketing implementation focuses on prospects, customers, distributors, retailers, centers of influence (who are the influencers in a buying decision – they specify but do not purchase). Marketing implementation also includes dealing with other functional areas to gain support and to develop coordination. For example, product managers must implement their plans and programs through product development, production, service and logistics personnel in other functional areas.
Marketing implementation involves a very interesting tension between the structures the firm puts in place to guide marketing efforts and the skills of the managers doing the marketing job. In most firms, what happens is that over time the structures become rigid and dysfunctional to changing marketplace needs, which guides the firm to destinations it does not want to reach! It is only by the timely intervention of the marketers, using their personal skills to ‘subvert the organization toward quality’ that good marketing actions result. 
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