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Industrial Relations Programme - Industrial Relations

   Posted On :  14.06.2018 12:08 am

A successful industrial relations programme reflects the personal viewpoint, which is influenced by three main considerations

Industrial Relations Programme

A successful industrial relations programme reflects the personal viewpoint, which is influenced by three main considerations

Individualized thinking

Individualized thinking makes it imperative for the administrator to consider the entire situation in which the affected individual is placed.

Policy awareness

Policy awareness underscores the idea of the consistency of treatment and the precedent value of any decision, which a management takes.

Expected group reaction

While expected group reaction balances what we know of human nature in groups against an individual’s situation in the light of the policy that has been formulated and implemented.



The core of an IR programme is the personnel manual. The manual sets out the rules and policies within which managers and employees must operate. All employees and supervisors are fairly familiar with the contents of the manual.


Relationships with employees may be improved through joint consultations. Relationships with unions or staff associations may be developed through collective bargaining and other IR procedures or by improving the operation of existing procedures.


Managers and supervisors need to develop competence in handling IR. Such competence may be developed by training managers and supervisors in IR. Union leaders and employees also must be associated with the programme, as they are as much a party to conflict as managers or supervisors.

Discipline and Conflict

If both employees as well as employers adhere to well laid out norms, disputes do not occur. Where a conflict occurs, the management must resolve it.

Requirments of a Successsful Industrial Relations progrmamme

The basic requirements on which a successful industrial relations programme is based on:

Top management support

Since industrial relations are a functional staff service, it must necessarily derive its authority from the line organization.

Sound Personal Policies

These constitute the business philosophy of an organization and guide it in arriving at its human relations decisions. Policies can be successful only when they are followed at all the level of an enterprise, from top to bottom.

Adequate Practice should be Developed by Professionals

In the field to assist in the implementation of the policies of an organization, a system of procedures is essential if intention is to be properly translated into action.

Detailed Supervisory Training

To ensure that organizational policies and practices are properly implemented and carried into effect by the industrial relations staff, job supervisors should be trained thoroughly.

Follow up of results

A constant review of an industrial relations programme is essential, so that existing practices may be properly evaluated and a check may be exercised on certain undesirable tendencies, should they manifest themselves. 

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