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Illustrations of Cost Accounting

   Posted On :  03.05.2018 11:27 pm

Illustrations of Cost Accounting


Illustration 1:

Prepare the cost sheet to show the total cost of production and cost per unit of goods manufactured by a company for the month of july 2012. Also find out the cost of sales.

The number of units produced during july, 2012 was 3,000.
The stock of finished goods was 200 and 400 units on 1-7-2012 and 31-7-202 respectively. The total cost of units on hand on 1-7-2012 was Rs.2,800. All these have been sold during the month.

Illustration 2:




From the following particulars, prepare a cost sheet for the year ending 31-12-2011.
Management expenses should be allocated in the ratio of 2:1:3 on factory, office and sales departments.

Illustration 3:

the following particulars relate to a company for a period of

Prepare a statement of cost for the period and compute the price to be quoted for 500 units in order to realise the same profit as for the period under review, assuming no alternation in wages and cost of materials.

Illustration 4: 

The following information has been taken from a factory:





Direct wages


Factory overheads


Administration overheads


You are required to fix the selling price of a machine costing rs.4,200 in materials and rs.3,000 in wages so that it yields a profit of 25% on selling price.


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