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Human Resources Management - An Overview

Relevance of HRM - An Overview

   Posted On :  30.05.2018 07:59 am

HRM is relevant in the modern changed scenario on the following grounds

Relevance of HRM
HRM is relevant in the modern changed scenario on the following grounds

Change management

The popular terms of the present day world are ‘Learning Organization’, ‘Managing Organizational Change’, ‘Change Agents’ and the like. It is now accepted that any organization can survive in today’s socio – economic environment only if it is pro-active to environmental changes. Advances in information technology too are forcing organizations to change their very way of thinking.


In any organization, it may not be feasible to allocate tasks to individuals at which each one excels. But it is possible to enhance the competence of the individuals to specific tasks through well designed training programmes. HRD attempts to enhance the competence through well defined and planned training programmes.


The extent to which the employees are committed to their work and organization has a significant bearing on an organization’s performance. Commitment levels can be assessed using informal interviews and questionnaires, statistics on absenteeism, grievances and voluntary separations. Transparency in organizational functioning, employees perception of various HRM policies, channels of communication and role models played by superiors influence employee commitment.

Congruence of objective

It is essential that all new comers to the organization are properly socialized into the existing community and are made aware of the organizational values, work ethos, customs and traditions. It is important that they know what the organization stands for and what it wants to achieve and in this process what is expected from each individual. They should understand the meaning of existence of the organization. This exercise is commonly referred to as socialization.


The performance of the workers could be improved and increased by proper motivation. Most people can exercise far more creativity, self-direction and self control than their present jobs demand. It is, however, necessary to create an environment in which all members can contribute to the limits of their ability. Subordinates must be encouraged to participate in the process of decision making, continuously broadening their self-direction and self-control. These would not only lead to direct improvement in operating efficiency but would also ensure them to groom for higher responsibilities.

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