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Human Resources Management - Managing Discipline

Disciplinary Procedure - Managing Discipline

   Posted On :  14.06.2018 10:43 pm

The different stages in the disciplinary procedures of an Indian organization are:

Disciplinary Procedure
The different stages in the disciplinary procedures of an Indian organization are:

Forming and issuing a charge sheet

When the management of an organization wants to initiate an enquiry against an employee for alleged misconduct, the concerned employee is issued a charge sheet. The charge sheet should clearly indicate the charges against the employee and seek an explanation for the employee’s misconduct.

Considering the Explanation

If the employee admits his misconduct or if the management is satisfied with the explanation offered by the employee in response to the charge sheet, there is normally no further enquiry.

Issuing the notice of enquiry

If it is decided that an enquiry be held, a notice of enquiry has to be issued to the worker. An enquiry officer is appointed, preferably aided by a person well-versed in law, or an outside expert conversant with the intricacies and procedures of domestic enquiries.

Holding a Full-fledged Enquiry

The enquiry should be in conformity with the principles of natural justice and the employee concerned must be given an opportunity to be heard. The enquiry officer must record the findings on the process of enquiry in an impersonal and objective manner. He should refrain from making any judgmental comments.

Final Order of action

The appropriate authority, based on the findings of the enquiry officer, makes the judgment. He either acquits the employee or judges him guilty of the charges. Based on the decision taken, the punishment for the employee’s misconduct is determined.

Follow- up

The Management Should Also Ensure that the discipline of the Employee is Not Repeated.


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