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Corporate Excellence - Personnel Environment

   Posted On :  12.06.2018 06:47 am

Industrial organizations to a large extent depend on an entrepreneurial behaviour and motivation to engender corporate excellence.

Corporate Excellence
Industrial organizations to a large extent depend on an entrepreneurial behaviour and motivation to engender corporate excellence. Companies need to shift from physical technology to information technology, from material growth to sustainable development from hierarchical pattern to decentralized organization and from conflict to cooperative working relationship.

Organizations need to elicit entrepreneurial behaviour that calls for a high degree of employee achievement and motivation to attain excellence. Successful entrepreneurship has the following characteristics and HRM has a great role in shaping them.

1. High sense of purpose among the people in the organization.

2. Absolute organizational focus on customers both internal and external.

3. A new way of work that encourages product innovation.

4. A great sense of self-inspired behaviour among ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

5. Productivity of the human resource to be doubled.

6. Higher work turnover.

HR issues in Achieving Excellence

1. Aligning business strategy with HR strategy.

2. Knowledge management and creating learning organization.

3. Competence mapping and skill development through assessment centres.

4. Developing moral excellence through ethics audit and creating value-based culture.

5. Reorganization of work through job enlargement and enrichment.

6. Development of mutual trust and synergy among work teams.

7. Managing change through people.

8. Restructuring and bringing transformation in the organization to add value to the business.

9. Bringing about rationalization of workforce through internal transfers and resorting to employee reduction as a last resort.

Corporate excellence is the combination of people, system, product and marketing excellence. Out of these people excellence is important because it has a direct bearing on the system, product and marketing.
There are 10 P’s which are most important for corporate excellence, most of them are to be shaped by HRM. They are as follows:

HRM is now a strategically important area of corporate governance, which indicates that HRD policies need to be integrated into the overall policies of the organizations. To be precise, it is a cyclic process of developing mission, vision and business plan through people, and translating those to action through policies, ensuring results and redefining the objectives again. HR is no more a support service but it is the partner in the organizational strategic function.


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