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Good Organization Structure - Organization of HRM

   Posted On :  30.05.2018 08:40 am

The features of a good organization structure are:

Good Organization Structure

The features of a good organization structure are:


An organization structure should be simple. The concept of simplicity implies that various organizational relations should be kept to the minimum. Every person in the organization should be clear about to whom he has to consult on a particular matter. Too many levels, too many communication channels, multiplicity of commands or too many committees create more problems than solving them.


An organization structure should be flexible enough so that changes can be incorporated whenever there is a need. The structure should be designed not only for the present but also for the future needs. There may be a need for incorporating changes in organization structure. Changes can be incorporated easily, if the structure if flexible. Thus, a flexible structure provides opportunity to incorporate changes whenever needed without adversely affecting other parts.

Line of Authority

There should be clear lines of authority running from top to bottom or in horizontal directions. The concept of clear line of authority implies that one should be clear about what he is expected to achieve or contribute and what relationships should be maintained by him in his official level.

Ultimate Responsibility

There is always the concept of ultimate responsibility which suggests that although a superior manager assigns some of the work to his subordinates, he is ultimately responsible for performance of total work. Thus, he is responsible for his own work as well as for the work performed by his subordinates. In this concept no superior can absolve himself from the responsibility for the non-performance of work by his subordinates.

Delegation of Authority

There should be proper and adequate delegation of authority. Responsibility cannot be delegated without proper authority to the delegate. He can discharge his responsibility properly if he has commensurate authority. A common problem in the organizational life is that managers often fail to delegate adequate authority and suffer with various problems. The organizational structure shall be such that it should be amenable for delegation.

Managerial Levels

In an organization there should be minimum managerial levels. Greater the number of managerial levels longer is the line of communication in the chain of command and the communication has to travel along the line creating problems of delay and distortion. Though it may not be possible to suggest how many managerial levels should be kept by an organization as the number of levels is affected by so many variables, the principle of minimum levels hold good.

Unity of Direction and Command

It is no good if direction and command are given by more than one person having authority. Sometimes, the structure, if defective may lead to multiplicity of commands, making the subordinate in a fix as to whom he is answerable. If there is a well grouped and arranged organizational structure, it may lead to desirable unity of command.

Proper emphasis on staff

Line functions should be separated from staff functions and adequate emphasis should be placed on important staff activities. This is important particularly in large organizations. The line and staff activities are required because both serve different objectives in the organization. A line activity is that which serves the organizational objectives directly. Production activities, marketing activities etc can be considered as good examples for the line activity. On the other hand, contributions of staff activities are indirect, that is, they help in carrying out the line activities to achieve organizational objectives. Personnel, accounting etc., are staff activities.


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